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Our dedicated transport and logistics team can insure any business activity, from commodity trading to import-export to transport, logistics and shipping.

We offer high efficiency, high quality risk analysis, brokerage and operational needs management during the business, legal advice and product consultancy phases.


Insurance of goods during transport by sea, air, land (rail/truck) in direct and/or contingency form, covering the following sectors: industrial production, commerce and trade, shippers/carriers (third party). Goods include raw materials/semi-finished and finished products such as:

  • Various bulk goods such as: coal / minerals / chemicals / petrochemicals / grain / flour / vegetable oils / wine / fertilizers / steel products / gas
  • Various goods in containers, including refrigerated and/or temperature controlled products (foodstuffs, fruit and vegetables, medicines)
  • Machinery and project cargo

Liability Insurance of the Insured Party in the exercise and/or person of:

  • Charterers (Charterer’s Liability)
  • Logistics operators such as: Carriers, Freight Forwarders, Terminals
  • Shipping agencies, custom officers, port authorities

Insurance of container bodies (fleets) and/or railway wagons as owner and/or charterer