coordination and strategy for big risks

Our extensive knowledge of industrial production and risk management issues means our professionals can offer flexible, innovative insurance services, built around the specific operational needs of the client and delivering the highest quality of protection for the client.


Asset protection (direct and indirect material damage):

  • All Risks Property including Electronic Risks, Machine Failure, Theft and Robbery, Land Vehicle Bodies (fleets)
  • Business Interruption damages in terms of contribution margin or loss of profit
  • Contractors’ All risks – Election All risks (Construction and erection risks) and decennial posthumous – replacement of works

Asset protection:

  • Civil and employee liability
  • Civil liability for products
  • Civil liability for pollution / environmental damage
  • Professional liability / Medical malpractice
  • Civil liability of directors, statutory auditors and managers
  • Third party vehicle liability (fleets)
  • Cyber risk

In cases where a person is legally or contractually obliged to provide a security to guarantee the fulfilment of obligations undertaken, he/she may use a security deposit policy in favour of the creditor of the obligation.

  • In particular we include: contracts, tenders, good procedural executions, guarantee withholdings, urbanisation charges, allotments, deferred payment of inheritance taxes, VAT credit, regional, national and EEC grants (non-repayable), customs deposits, excise duties deposits, judicial guarantees; registration in the waste disposal register, policies in favour of the Ministry of the Environment, quarry cultivation, radio links and various utilities, contracts between private individuals, guarantees under Law 210/2004. Finally, contracts abroad: Bid bonds, performance bonds, maintenance bonds, retention money bonds, advanced payee bonds.

Below you will find a summary of the main insurance guarantees we broker, the documents needed to examine a request and our contacts for consulting requests.

Obblighi di legge


  • Tax assessment settlements
  • Instalment payments of tax demands
  • Annual, interim and offsetting VAT refunds
  • Tax instalments
  • Expedited refunds


  • Temporary importation
  • Customs warehousing of goods
  • Periodic and/or deferred payments
  • Exports or imports under the simplified customs procedure


  • Waste collection and disposal
  • Environmental recovery
  • Totocalcio and Superenalotto lottery terminals
  • Register of freight forwarders
  • Opening of travel agencies
  • Right to withdrawals
  • Advances, price supplements
  • Community aid
  • Excise duties (former UTIF)
  • AIMA tenders
  • AIMA storage agreements


  • Guarantee for Foreigners Admission
  • Advances on grants to developing countries


Below is a list of some of the main documents required for preparing the guarantee application.

For more information and in any case to finalise the required details
Please contact us at our offices.

Documents to be sent:

  1. Guarantee request form duly completed
  2. Copy of the document/deed giving evidence of the guarantee request
  3. Copy of the Chamber of Commerce certificate (for companies/ firms)
  4. Copy of personal ID document
  5. Financial statements for the last 2 years (for companies) and possible provisional budget.
  6. “Modello Unico” tax return form (for companies/firms)
  7. Other documentation required for the type of policy.

If the financial statements or the above mentioned documents show results that are not proportionate to the guarantee amount requested, it is advisable to appoint one or more jointly liable parties, providing at least their last “Modello Unico” forms submitted and demonstrating their assets, and a photocopy of their ID documents.